Karissa_Headshots02My name is Karissa (Fehler) McCallum. After the recent birth of my daughter, and taking on the role of a mother, I know that I have a special interest in womenʼs health, including connecting women with one another, pediatrics, balancing the emotions and utilizing food as medicine. (I love that I can explain how certain dietary and lifestyle choices impact health, and how certain foods can be used for prevention of disease.)

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My treatments with Karissa began with the purpose of regulating my cycle following a miscarriage that was difficult both medically and emotionally. Karissa met my concerns with a level of care and compassion that led me to feel immediately comfortable and confident in her approach and treatment. During the course of my treatments with her, not only has she has restored and regulated my menstrual cycles, but she has alleviated digestive symptoms, minimized skin breakouts, and elevated my mood. Once my cycle was back to normal, our focus shifted to optimizing fertility, and within a very short time I was pregnant again. Now our sessions focus on managing the symptoms of early pregnancy, including nausea, palpitations, swellings, heartburn, and more. Karissa is an excellent listener, a thoughtful clinician, and an effective practitioner. I look forward to meeting with her each week as she continues to promote bodily harmony, balance and well-being, throughout my pregnancy and beyond!


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